Why We Should Stop Expecting Total Faith in Witchcraft

Not-guilty confession: I’m a sceptical witch. A lot of things make me roll my eyes when I’m reading books and posts on the craft. The same resources that tell you that witchcraft can be stirring your tea clockwise with some positive wishes are also filled with lists of herbs, crystals, flowers, essential oils and tools to stock up on for your craft.

Writers’ Salt: A Simple Spell Bottle or Ingredient for Writers and Artists

Like most writers, I love writing. And like most writers, I hate writing. I write blog posts like this one, short and long fiction, and even some poetry from time to time. Sometimes the words don’t come. Sometimes the words come and they’re awful. On some bright occasions the words aren’t half bad, and a…

6 ways you've done witchcraft without even trying

6 Ways You’ve Done Witchcraft Without Even Trying

Everyone can be a witch. Maybe everyone is a witch. There are countless different paths, levels of devotion, and areas of study, but there’s really only one thing you have to do: call yourself a witch, and you are one. Just like that. Just like magic.

You don’t have to claim the title, but you can start living with more intention. Realise that some things you already do, with a little more good intent and awareness, can be magical. The more I think about it, I realise more and more things I’ve been doing since childhood that take on more powerful meanings under the awareness I bring to them thanks to my craft. But here are 6 things that almost everyone has done, and continues to do, that are actually pretty witchy.