At the beginning of February, I quit my job in retail. It was making my depression and anxiety the worst they’d ever been. I’d been signed off as ill for 2 weeks over the Christmas period, and it created a deeper feeling of disconnection from my team than before. My manager sat me down to tell me how selfish I was and the arguments that broke out as a result of my sick leave. I was so, so glad to be out of there, but now I had no money. I’m a firm believer in treating yourself to little things that will bring you happiness, so when I had to ban myself from spending even £2 on a tumble stone it was almost painful. And then, over a couple of weeks, I came to realise how much I rely on buying stuff to keep my spiritual practice alive.

I started to look more closely at everything I have. One thing I love about a good full moon cleansing/charging session is that I always find a crystal, a tool, or even a whole tarot deck that I forgot I had. I’ve never used my pine essential oil. I forgot I had a mystic merlinite palmstone. I have a hoard of candles I rarely use. A lot of us have been guilty of buying more crystals before we learned about the last ones we bought, buying more books while having a huge unread stack, and getting ourselves a new tarot deck before the last one has even left the packaging. I’ve stopped buying, and started getting to know what I already have.

Here are a few things that have happened:

1) How many decks?!

I have 2 regular oracle decks, 2 Lenormand decks, and 7 tarot decks (8 if you count one that’s shamefully missing 2 cards). I used one of the oracle decks, but I tried out the other and learned I can only use it well in Autumn/Winter. I still can’t read Lenormand cards, so I’m working on learning that now. I tend to stick to Shadowscapes & Linestrider when reading tarot, and I have a couple of decks I never tried to connect with. So I’m doing some deck interviews, and finally getting to know all of those cards.

2) From pretty rock to great ally.

I have a mountain of tumble stones. I don’t know what most of them do. I don’t have as many bigger pieces & clusters, but I have enough of them that I forget to reach for them when they would come in handy. I love the crystal shop. I love coming home with new stones, showing them off to my family, and then adding them to my collection with a mental note that I’ll look them up properly when I have the time. The time never comes, because I’m back to the shop at my next opportunity. But now I have to keep my distance, I’m getting to know the crystals I have. I’m realising I have this huge vault of tools to help with everything from self-care to focus to headaches, that were just pretty stones until I asked for their help.

3) Magic is everything.

Not spending has helped me find the magic in what I already have. Different colours of stationery, flavours of tea & scents of organic shower gels. Magic is in stirring tea with intent. It’s letting new energy into a room. It’s rediscovering the peace I feel when I’m connecting with and caring for my pets. The more you find creative solutions to not having a magical ingredient, the more of yourself you’re putting into something. And that makes your witchcraft or spiritual practice so much more powerful.

I’m looking forward to have spare money again, to back Kickstarters and visit the crystal shop, to buy new books and strengthen my knowledge. But being a completely broke witch comes with benefits of its own.

So, a challenge: spend less, witch more. Every time you buy something new, learn more about something you already have. Consider your inventory before splashing out for a spell ingredient you already have a good alternative to. Consider whether your craft is driven by consumerism, and if it is, try to replace that drive with a healthy alternative.

Your bank account and your soul will thank you.

5 thoughts on “Spend Less, Witch More: Reconnecting With My Craft While Broke”

  1. Hi! I found you on Pinterest and wanted to let u know I really liked this article. There’s definitely value in getting to know a smaller number of items more deeply.

  2. Thank you so much for this article. I recently moved to a smaller house and had to downsize and I was feeling sorry for myself because I had to get rid of a bunch of stuff but after reading this article I realize I have what I need. I have more than what I need so thanks.

  3. I really connected with your post. I tend to jump in with both feet when I become interested in something. I have a lot of crystals and I want to learn about the ones I have before buying any more. Thank you for helping me to recommit to my education.

  4. Thank you Dear, it’s really a eye opener for me, I always thought I don’t have enough Crystal and books etc.
    Please post more articles you are a realist we need more of your kind around

    1. I’ve been taking quite a break from blogging due to an intense course of study for a new career path. But I’m hoping to post more soon. Comments like yours are really motivating. Thank you. 🙂

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