Why We Should Stop Expecting Total Faith in Witchcraft

Not-guilty confession: I’m a sceptical witch. A lot of things make me roll my eyes when I’m reading books and posts on the craft. The same resources that tell you that witchcraft can be stirring your tea clockwise with some positive wishes are also filled with lists of herbs, crystals, flowers, essential oils and tools to stock up on for your craft.

Musings on Spring & Reading

Spring is rolling in. The plants I bought last Summer and mourned in Autumn are showing their first green. Tiny leaves of morrocan mint, a hopeful little kitchen bay, some lavender ready for the brush of bees against it’s new blooms. As the days have rolled into each other recently, I’ve been getting that urge I feel every year to re-read The Secret Garden. Frances Hodgson Burnett’s beautiful classic was the first book that made me cry. It’s a staple in my life. And every year, it opens my eyes again to the wild heart beating even in dusty cities. It prepares me for Spring. My name means green shoot, or fresh spring blossom in more romantic interpretations. So every Spring I feel closer to myself. I have been learning to embrace every season, but Spring is the season that embraces me.