Everyone can be a witch. Maybe everyone is a witch. There are countless different paths, levels of devotion, and areas of study, but there’s really only one thing you have to do: call yourself a witch, and you are one. Just like that. Just like magic. 

You don’t have to claim the title, but you can start living with more intention. Realise that some things you already do, with a little more good intent and awareness, can be magical. The more I think about it, I realise more and more things I’ve been doing since childhood that take on more powerful meanings under the awareness I bring to them thanks to my craft. But here are 6 things that almost everyone has done, and continues to do, that are actually pretty witchy.


6 ways you've done witchcraft without even trying


1. Wishing. Us witches can burn bay leaves and program candles for the purpose of making our wishes come true, but there are so many ways to wish. You’ve probably sent dandelion seeds swirling on the wind. Thrown a penny into a fountain now lined with copper coins. Closed your eyes and snuffed out a birthday candle. Waited for 11:11 or watched for a shooting star. Wishes like these make us feel connected to the universe, surrounded by divine possibility, if only for fleeting seconds.

2. Lucky Charms. So many people have an item they believe brings them luck. A lucky pen for exams or business deals. Lucky socks or cuff links. I have a pair of trousers I wear on days when I need to treat a drought of creativity. I have a 4-leafed clover key ring from a friend. Lucky charms can be gifted to us or can just prove lucky over time. Or, with a little magic, we can create them.

3. Birthstones & crystal jewellery. Birthstone jewellery is a go-to present for a lot of people, so most of us have something with our birthstone – a mineral that is believed to have some connection to us because of when we were born. If that didn’t seem a little witchy to you before, I hope it does now. As a kid on holidays and in attraction gift shops I loved to sift through the racks of cheap crystal chipstone bracelets and necklaces. The packaging gave them all a purpose – creativity, vitality, luck, love, happiness, healing. I’d think about which one I needed most, if only I had enough pocket money.

imperial topaz necklace
Topaz, one of my birthstones, is also useful for remaining optimistic and overcoming limitations.

4. Visualising. You may have intentionally visualised a desirable outcome as part of a meditation or self-improvement practice. If not, you’ve daydreamed. I do this constantly. If I apply for a job I’m already dreaming of the boss praising me. If I write a blog post I’m imagining responding to comments that tell me I was helpful. (Scratch that – I’m imagining the emails telling me I’m your favourite blogger. Too honest?) But combine with some crystals, herbs, oils (pretty much anything) linked to the success you’re after, or work visualisation into a spell, and you’ve got yourself an amazing tool for achieving your goals.

5. Opening the windows. When I want to cleanse my space, I might light a white candle or tell some quartz to get to work. But most often, I open my windows wide, and let the room fill with fresh air. Odds are, you’ve done the same thing when a room was feeling too heavy. Old energy out, new energy in. Never underestimate the power of air and light.

6. Washed off a bad day. Whether you bathe or shower, there’s nothing like it after a stressful day. Your bones are aching, your head is spinning, you don’t know how to get through another hour. But hot water washes away so much of it. Sometimes it’s your body that needs cleansing, more than anything else. Sylvia Plath knew what was going on:

“There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them. Whenever I’m sad I’m going to die, or so nervous I can’t sleep, or in love with somebody I won’t be seeing for a week, I slump down just so far and then I say: I’ll go take a hot bath.”

Those are just 6 that seemed fairly universal. Can you think of any more?

18 thoughts on “6 Ways You’ve Done Witchcraft Without Even Trying”

  1. I love this post! One of the reasons witchcraft felt so comfortable to me immediately was that I realized I’d been doing so many witchy things my whole life without even trying. Crystal jewelry especially – I’ve always been a magpie when it comes to shiny things! <3

    1. Thanks Dana! As a child I loved to make “potions” from shower products and try to move things with my mind. I was pretty convinced I was going to be Matilda someday, but I’ve settled for the next best thing. x

  2. I can relate to these so much <3 Stones and open windows are a charm on their own. And daydreaming was such an eye opener. Let's be honest, whenever someone starts too write a book we all think of what it would be like if we had our own Harry Potter Utopia fandom for it. It can be dangerous and backfire, too, but you're right it is a great motivator!

  3. I think another way is how we think towards others – not just about them. Whether we “send” thoughts hoping for good things to happen to people or thoughts that wish karma to come back on them for bad things they have done to us or to others, those thoughts are witchy!

  4. You are my favorite blogger! Thank you, I needed the reminder to visualize. I was getting discouraged that my business venture was not taking off like I thought it would. I was focused on the negative, not seeing the positive. Duuuuh!

  5. Okay. I’ll admit it. You are my favorite blogger. You are so warm and real, and it comes through in your writing. I just left my retail job, by the way, and spent four weeks doing odd jobs to pay the bills until I found . . . a much better job (not in retail). Having the time off gave me time to reconnect with myself and my craft, as well, all while being really cheap and frugal!

  6. How about using purposeful essential oils? Like lavender to relax, or citrus to invigorate. Or praying? Basically talking to the source right? Hmm, maybe calming tea? Or growing your own herbs like chamomile? Breathing practices? Great article💙

    1. Perfect! I know a lot of women who use essentials oils and drink certain tea for the health benefits and would be so surprised that witchcraft is even a thing. But they’re already doing witchcraft!

      They just don’t know it yet 😏

  7. Honestly, first time i visited your blog, but I loved it from the first second. So true! There is magick everywhere 💚🍀

  8. Doing things that certain way, always. Talking to inanimate objects so they just do better. Baking. Smiling, it works!

    1. I always talk to inanimate objects, especially the car and appliances. We recently bought a robo-vacuum and I find myself telling it, “You can’t go there, dummy! You’ll get stuck again!”

  9. My mother, born in rural Oklahoma in 1931 to a half-Seminole mother, would never have called herself a witch, but by my definition, she most certainly was, and I learned a lot from her. She was mostly a believer in natural medicines and folk remedies, and I still use most of what she taught me, and have continued her tradition by making out my own and teaching my own daughters.

    My favorite memory of her, though, has to do with her exceedingly green thumb. She worked a third-shift job, and would come home every morning and spend about two hours in her large backyard that was filled to the brim with fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. She especially loved plants that attracted butterflies, and during her morning inspections, she would note wherever she saw a chrysalis, then she’d talk quietly to it each time she walked through the garden. Eventually, the butterfly would emerge, and on more than one occasion, I watched her go out and talk in that same cooing voice, and a butterfly would actually light on her and sit, like they were having a private conversation. I miss my mother’s garden and my mother, but memories like that one reminds me that I come from magic.

    1. I think it’s very natural to talk to plants and animals. Talking is how we as human beings form stronger relationships with each other. So what makes more sense than talking to nature in order to strengthen that bond?

      And sometimes – most of the time – doesn’t it feel like it answers back?

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